Open Letter to Austrian Government on EU and NATO Enlargement

Dear Mr Prime Minister

Dear Deputy Prime Minister

Dear Foreign Minister

With significant concern I draw your attention to the crisis in the 9 enlargement countries from the Western Balkans 6 and the Accession Trio Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova with which Austria has significant historic link in history and a common future in the European Union.   Sadly, due to the ongoing COVID crisis and the stuck enlargement process and due to massive Russian intervention, we face a major crisis in the European periphery which needs to be addressed by the Austrian Government in 10 concrete measures.

ETR is proposing a new strategic approach to help Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia and the Accession Trio Ukraine, Moldavia, Georgian to integrate faster in the European Union by the 10 concrete measure which I call the Austrian Government to implement now and during 2022 to 2024 to contribute to European Unity.

The Austrian Government may undertake the following 10 measures by 2024

1.     The Austrian National Bank will be mandated to assist all 7 potential candidates for Euroization upon their request with adopting the Euro according to the success of the adoption of the Euro by Montenegro and Kosovo with the assistance of the Austrian National Bank in 2002. If requested by the 7 potential Euro Candidates this shall be implemented during 2022.  

2.     The Austrian Government will, in case required block all potential countermeasures by the European Commission and the European Central Bank by a Veto threat. 

3.     The Austrian Government will offer all 7 countries, in the case they adopt the Euro, open the Austrian Labour Market fully for all their citizens in case they have a documented prospect for Austrian work contract.  For the Euro states Kosovo and Montenegro, Austria will open the Austrian Labour Market fully now to show the credibility of this offer and do that from the start of 2022 for both and then upon progress with Euroization of all 7 remaining candidates for Euroization.

4.     The Austrian Government will intervene massively with European Council Members for the EU Candidate Status of the Republic of Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina by June 2022 and will use significant threats in key areas of European regulation to ensure this will be agreed by latest by the EU Summit in June 2022.

5.     The Austrian Government will support the 3 NATO Allies Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia to join the European Union by 2024 and their citizens to vote in the European Parliament elections of 2024 in case Albania and North Macedonia adopt the Euro during 2022.  In case they do not adopt the Euro, Austria shall enforce the EU Membership of Montenegro alone by 2024 with a clear Veto threat similar as Greece made Cyprus EU Membership possible in 2004 and Germany and Austria made Croatia EU Membership possible in 2013.

6.     The Austrian Government will ensure the new status as Potential EU Candidate for Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, the Accession Trio of Batumi and will use it veto power in the European Council to ensure this will be realized by EU Council June 2022

7.     The Austrian Government will actively promote the recognition of the Republic of Kosovo by Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bosnia and make the adoption of the Euro by Serbia conditioned on Serbia recognising Kosovo.  

8.     The Austrian Government will promote and implement a EU Customs Union with all 9 accession countries by 2023 in the Framework of CEFTA built on the successful role model between the EU and Turkey, successful since 1995.

9.     The Austrian Government will promote and implement the enlargement of the Regional Cooperation Council RCC to include Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia und Azerbaijan and so make EAP the Eastern Partnership redundant or shift it further East for the Eastern Partners in Central Asia.   

10.  The Austrian Government will end its unsustainable irresponsible position to the EU budget framework and will contribute responsible to the cost of EU enlargement.

The situation is all 9 countries targeted by the Russian roll back and victim of reckless neglect   by the EU, requires and deserves the full attention of the Austrian Government and the Austrian society, as Austria is a special bond and carries a special historic responsibility for South Eastern Europe. I draw your attention that all the above measures were implemented in a similar dramatic or even more dramatic times already, so there is a precedent for each measure and that most of them can be implemented by Austria alone without EU approval.

The EU cannot be blamed for the lack of Austrian support for her friends in need.


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