End Russian Nuclear Power in European Union – Ban RosAtom in European Union

Russia State is currently building 2 nuclear power station, one in Finland and one in Hungary https://www.euractiv.com/section/politics/short_news/planned-nuclear-plant-to-get-risk-assessment-due-to-russian-connections/

And Hungary https://balkangreenenergynews.com/hungary-russia-to-speed-up-construction-of-paks-ii-nuclear-power-plant/

and Russia is supplying Nuclear power station in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Bulgaria.

So 5 EU Member States work with hostile Russian in strategic nuclear power sector.

This has to stop. it is better we do this ourselves and offering Russia such strategic sector inside the EU.

better USA Westinghouse or French Framatome or Siemens builds such nuclear plants than Russian state corrupting politics and endangering European and Russian environment.

Published by GunterFehlinger

Austrian Economist and pro NATO and pro European activist Podcast PaxEuropeana

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